Fashion You Buy - Style You Possess   

"The key to style is learning who you are.
It's about self-expression, and above all, attitude."
- Iris Apfel


Style Your Life

A 90-day coaching program to develop your unique personal style.

  • Become congruent with your authentic self.
  • Aligned with your future self.
  • Elevate your confidence and style to claim the success you deserve.
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From The Inside Out

Lasting change happens from the inside out.

  • Stop letting the outside world affect you so much. 
  • Learn to cut yourself off from anything that is not what you want. 
  • Begin to focus your mind on how you want to live. 
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How You See Yourself

You cannot out perform the opinion you have of yourself. 

  • Including your self-talk and inner critic.
  • And the secret thoughts you have about yourself.
  • Your self-image is what needs to change for you to advance. 
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What customers are saying...

“I have always struggled with my confidence and style, but after this program, I feel and look so much better. People say I radiate!”


“I could never figure out why I wasn't doing as well as I could in life. When I discovered there were some negative beliefs I had about my body and was able to change them, it was a  game changer! 

"I finally said goodbye to the way I used to think about myself! Thanks to the tools of this program, I have been able to step into the me I always dreamed of being.”

Your Style Journey  

You will begin by documenting your starting point. You will learn about style mindset, identify your style limitations and set new standards. You will become aware of the current way you see yourself and develop a new image that is congruent with your goals. You will find inspiration from style icons, identify the looks you love, and create a mood board.

From the Inside Out

You'll do a wardrobe edit  by cleaning out what no longer works and merchandising to create new looks. You will determine your color palette and brainstorm outfit formulas. You will dress your body shape and try new styling techniques. You'll analyze your lifestyle and create a shopping plan. You will feel empowered and ready to take charge of your style. 

Bonus #1

35 Style Hacks
Every Business Woman Needs

The Style Workbook

Your Style Planner
Leads You On Your Style Journey.

Bonus #2

Insider Style Secrets
100 Ways To Be Stylish

Express Your Authentic Style and Step Into Your Feminine Power!

The most important thing in developing your unique personal style is to know who you are and what you want to express to the world. Most women skip this part and create an image that doesn't fit their true self. This creates confusion and doesn't help them to achieve the success they want.

Meet Your Guide

Dr. Shelley Nash is an elite level mindset coach that helps women elevate their confidence and style to claim the success they deserve. She guides them through her groundbreaking transformational programs to help them break free from their past, inner blocks, and self-criticism to the become the woman of their goals and dreams. 

Dr. Shelley’s eclectic career path began in textiles, clothing and fashion merchandising. She then pivoted to health and wellness, massage therapy, and eventually became a chiropractor. One of her great passions is to help her clients release emotional patterns they have held onto for years and empower them to take charge to live productive, successful, and fulfilling lives. 

Style Is Who You Are! 

Clothes don't mean anything until you wear them. The clothing you wear is an extension of who you are. They should strengthen your true self and allow you to shine. Underneath it all, the way you think about yourself is more important than the clothes. When you are confident from the inside out you can rock pretty much anything you wear.

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